About Cheddar

Cheddar is a 3-year-old Pembroke welsh corgi who likes long walks on the beach, naps, and licking crumbs off the floor. He’s named after Captain Holt’s dog from the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We love him to death, but he’s a bit of a brat and enjoys barking at everything his giant ears hear.

Cheddar actually poses really well with food, and will do anything for treats! He loves getting his picture taken.

About Amy

Amy is an amateur cook whole enjoys cooking/baking and is always up for trying new recipes. By day she’s a visual designer at a large tech firm.

She started “Cooking With Cheddar” as a side project and an outlet for her creativity. This blog doesn’t have any particular theme, it’s just things she likes and wants to remember or share. Sometimes they’re healthy, sometimes they’re not, it just depends! She believes everything is good in moderation and (with some cute dog pics.)

Please note: When I try new dishes, I sometimes follow recipes pretty closely. I will try to credit any book or site that I adapt dishes from. I always write my own directions the way that I cooked it, and all photos are my own. This blog is for fun, but I want everyone to receive proper credit. If I am missing credit or you would like a recipe taken down, please contact me at amy@cookingwithcheddar.com